Thursday, September 23, 2010

UT Reversible Dog Bandana

We love football here in our house and are always screaming at the t.v. on Saturdays.  I wanted a way for our sweet (fur)baby to share some team spirit.  I haven’t gotten around to actually buying him doggie jerseys yet so I thought I’d make him a little bandana out of UT fabric that I had leftover from when I made my husband a laptop sleeve.  If only I had FSU fabric.  ::sigh::

Here is a tutorial on how I made it.

First I measured around my puppy’s neck:  12”

Then I cut two squares rectangles (two different fabrics or the same, for the front and back of the bandana) 12” by 10”.
Then folded it in half and cut diagonally from the corner to the bottom.

I now have two triangles, one black and one patterned.

Next I went to my trusty computer and printed out a decal of the Tennessee T.
Now I layed my orange fabric on top of it and traced the T on the fabric.
This is what the tracing looks like.

Then I cut out the T and placed it on the black triangle.  Pin it in place.

Then I used a zigzag stitch to sew the T on the black fabric. (which is very tricky with the small curves of the T… I think it came out alright.
Then I made the ties.  I cut two 2” by 7.5” rectangles.  I ironed them in half lengthwise and then ironed each side into the middle.
Then topstitch all the way around the ties.
Now I sandwiched everything together.  I put the black piece face up, then the ties on top of it facing the middle and leaving about 1/8” stick out, then the patterned piece face down on top of it.
Then sew all the way around leaving an opening for turning.
Cut excess fabric off and cut the corners for turning.

Then I turned it and ironed it flat making sure to iron the hole that was used for turning.
Last I topstitched all the way around the bandana, making sure to close the hole.
And ta-da!  You have a very cute reversible bandana for your furry friend.
035  034
And here is my puppy, Captain, modeling his new duds.
As you can see my puppy is small, so you can modify the lengths to make it fit your puppy.

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