Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favorite Coupon Sites

My absolute favorite is Hot Coupon World.  There is tons of info on this site… especially on the forums.  The other ladies are so knowledgeable.  And you can check out the deals in the stores that are near  you.
There are only a couple of grocery stores around me and after reading through posts on HCW, I realized that HEB is not the place to go if you want good deals.  Yea they sometimes have good deals.  But it’s usually on their own brand or “in store with coupon” which is basically the same coupon I have that I clipped from the Sunday paper!  So no real savings there!  Needless to say, I only shop at HEB if there is something I absolutely have to have.

I get my real deals at Randall’s, Walgreens and CVS.  They each have awesome sales and deals to save the average shopper.  Randall’s has their Remarkable Card, CVS has their Extracare Bucks, and Walgreen’s has their Register Rewards.  You can definitely find deals if you look for them!

Here is a list of other Couponing sites that I have found and liked!

In my “Buttons” column I have a couple that I frequent like:
* Coupon Geek
* Passion for Savings
* Wild for Wags
Here a couple of more:

* I Heart CVS

* I Heart Wags
* Totally Target
* Debbie Does Coupons
* Freebies 4 Mom
* Saving With Shellie
* Money Saving Madness
* Coupon Gal
* Pirates of the Supermarket
* Frugal Shopping with Julie
* My Coupon Teacher
* Simply CVS

Now these are the ones that I have found quite useful but I am sure there are TONS more out there, so please share those that you find!


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  1. WoW! I behind the times. i haven't heard of half these. :p