Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yummy Pumpkin Rum Pie!

I lurve me some pumpkin pie, it is one of my favorite things about the holidays. I wanted to make some pie this year and since we weren’t home for Thanksgiving I decided to make it for Christmas! I searched the interwebs for a yummy sounding recipe and stumbled upon this yummy recipe. It took a little while to make the first time I made it (I made another pie just last week!) since the recipe really didn’t say that the heating directions were for a convection oven, but once reading the reviews of other who had made them it was super easy. It really did come out so yummy. It was declared the Best Pumpkin Pie Ever by my lovely husband so I think this will be made ever year from here on out.

I followed to recipe exactly except for the cooking time and temp.

Here are the modifications:

Cook for the first 10 minutes on 425 then 325 for 45 50 minutes.
Oh, and don’t forget to put foil on the crust!!! I had almost forgotten the first time and then after 10 minutes when I went to turn the temp down, it was already pretty browned!
And the last thing that I want to add is that the recipe makes enough filling for two pies or one pie with a little left over. The filling is runny when you put it in the pie shell so don’t over fill it because you might spill some transferring the pie to the oven.

Mmmmm… this pie is sooo addicting!


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