Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Half Bath Facelift

So a couple of days ago I told you about my weekend project of repainting and redoing my downstairs half bath.  I had gotten and picked out the paint awhile ago and I finally got my butt in gear to do it.  It took hubby and I one night to really do almost everything.  We took the next day to do some touch ups and clean up the bathroom.  It was a pretty inexpensive facelift.  I have yet to replace the faucet but I definitely will do that sometime in the future.  I replaced the light fixture, replaced the jumbo mirror (who wants to look at themselves while they use the bathroom?? –not me!), and painted the walls.  I will also (sometime down the road) refinish the vanity.  That will most likely be a longer project so I decided to forgo that for now. 

And now for your viewing pleasure, before and after pictures of the half bath.
019 017
You can really see the paint color in the last two pictures.
I love how light and ‘fresh’ it feels.

Here is a rough cost break down:
Paint - Glidden Canyon Echo and supplies:  $30
Lighting:  $79.99
Mirror:  $39.99
Most of the decor I had already or I made from supplies found at the Dollar Store.  I will post about those later.

So overall it was about a $150 facelift.  I can’t complain because it came out just as I had hoped!


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