Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Weekend Project

So I never really got around to finding the hardware for my entry table.  I instead, devoted my weekend to finally painting my half bath that is down stairs.  I had gotten a small can of paint from the Glidden Promo that they did this summer and just never got around to painting it.  This weekend the hubs and I painted the bathroom, replaced the lighting, and took out the (huge) mirror.  It came out lovely.  The only thing left to do is find a mirror.  I would like a smaller mirror with a frame to put in there.  I also later on would like to replace the faucet but I didn’t do that yet.  I really think it turn out great.  I will post some pictures of the finished product once I find a mirror to put in there. 

Here are some BEFORE pictures:



As you can see they are not the best pictures, but you can see the basic decor.  The walls were painted Glidden Canyon Echo.  I bought the two flower pictures from Garden Ridge and the shelf above the toilet used to be white and I spray painted it the metallic charcoal color.  The three pictures in the picture frames at the bottom of the shelf are actually just scrapbook papers.  I also spray painted an old trash can to match.

Completed pics to come soon!



  1. Love the color! It's cheery & a good wake up color for those slow mornings. :)

  2. That is not the AFTER pictures! Those are the before pictures. I posted the AFTER pictures with the finished project today!