Monday, August 16, 2010

Grocery Bag Holders

In my house we use a lot of plastic grocery bags.  We use them in the bathroom trash cans, in the backyard for the dog’s ‘business’ and around the house as other things.  I always forget to bring bags upstairs or outside and since I saw this great tutorial on one of the blogs I read, I decided it’d be a smart idea to just make a couple of these to keep where they are needed.

The first one I did was the red and black one and this one will go in our master bath.  I had a ton of fabric leftover from when I redid the vanity stool in my bathroom so I decided to use that fabric.

Here it is without bags inside it:
And with bags:

And here is the one that will go on the back patio.  I actually used outdoor fabric for this one.  I got quite a few fabric scraps from a Craiglister for free and this fabric was in the bag I got!  It’s so pretty!
042 041

I love how they turned out!


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  1. Cool grocery bag holders. They look great. I was thinking something completely different. LoL. I seen on this Martha Stewart show that came w/my sewing machine where they take t-shirts and turn them into grocery bags. I have lots of t-shirts saved for this ... one day. :)

    PS Your vanity stool turned out NICE!