Sunday, August 15, 2010

CVS Deals 8/15/10

Here are the deals I got today at CVS:
Total Paid OOP:  $16.78 ( but it should have been $10.78 OOP – I’ll explain the difference below)

Kellogg’s Cereal:  3/$10

ReNuzit:  $0.88 x 3
Head & Shoulders:  $4.99
Purex 3 in 1:  $5.99
Right Guard Deodorant: $4.49 (B1G1F)
Blink Tears:  $14.99  (This is where the discrepancy is,  it’s supposed to be on sale for $7.99 with $7.99 ECBs back --- I didn’t realize the mistake until I got home and started writing this post.  I will go back and fix it tomorrow morning.)

Coupons I used:

$1.00 off 3 Kellogg’s Cereals
$0.55 off 3 ReNuzit’s
$1.00 off of H&S Shampoo
$3.00 off of Purex 3in1
$1.00 of Right Guard Total Defense 5
$1.00 of of Blink Tears
$5.00 ECBs off of $15 order
$4.00 ECB
$9.99 ECB

ECBs Received from this order:
$5.00 from 3 Kellogg’s Cereals
$2.00 from Purex 3in1
$2.00 from H&S Shampoo

Not a bad trip though I am super bummed that I have to go back and fix the Blink Tears deal.  They also didn’t have the Zegerid that was on sale but the cashier said they restock on Thursday so I will be going back for that.


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