Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doorknob revamp!

So I saw on a blog that I came across that someone had spray painted their ugly brass doorknobs a pretty brushed nickel color.  I really hate the fact that our downstairs doorknobs are all an ugly brass color that is very dingy looking and discolored. (For some reason all of the upstairs doorknobs are silver.)  I had contemplated about just buying new doorknobs since I only have 4 doorknobs that I would want to replace.  But since I saw this post I thought it would a better more inexpensive way to give my doorknobs a new look.

I decided to test the look on my pantry doorknob. 

Here is what my doorknob looks before:

Ugly huh?!

Here is the contraption I made to hold all my pieces.

After I washed and sanded the pieces, I sprayed it with primer.

I had to give the pieces a few coats before they looked like I wanted them to look but I think my DIY revamp came out great! 

Here is my doorknob on the door.

I plan to do the rest of the doorknobs downstairs next weekend.  I have the half bath, laundry room and coat closet doorknobs left to do. 


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