Friday, January 14, 2011

My Real Small Stockpile!

So I don’t have a huge stockpile by any means!  But I do have the start of a small one.  Right now all our cleaning and laundry things are in the laundry room.  Our bath and toiletry items are in the guest bathroom.  I haven’t been able to start a stockpile on much of anything else because I haven’t found the deals are those things yet.  I actually haven’t seemed to find many deals on anything lately but that is half my fault since I have been slacking in the ‘find good deals’ department. 

I am still getting my newspaper and coupons every week and still look through my circulars to find the deals.  I just haven’t been doing my research online to scope the greatest deals.  I think partly because I wasn’t in town for a few weeks in December due to Christmas.  I swear I need to get back on top of things!

Here are a few pictures of my stock in the laundry room.  Like I said it is rather small…but hopefully one day the start of something.



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