Friday, August 21, 2009

So I lied…



Yesterday I said that my next project would be a fall wreath but actually I just sewed a camera case.  Today I decided to scope out Joann’s sale and bought quite a few yards of cheap fabric, some for specific projects and some just to have around just in case. 

Earlier I was looking through my sewing websites and I was looking on the Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog and came across this super cute project.  And I fell in love!  So I hurried upstairs to the craft room and started my own camera case.


Here is what the finished project looks like.

Here is a how-to.  I tried my best to get a picture of each step.

Cast of characters:
12” x 4.5” piece of brown lining
12” x 4.5” piece of batting
12” x 4.5” piece of fabric
Fastener (not pictured) – I used velcro.  You can easily use snaps or buttons.
*Please note that you can adjust it to fit your own camera, so you can add to make it bigger or subtract to make it smaller.

1.  Sew velcro piece to the ‘right’ side of the lining.
2.  Stack lining, batting and outside fabric piece in this order:
batting on bottom; outside fabric piece ‘right side’ up; lining piece on top ‘wrong side’ up.
3.  Next pin around the edges.
4.  Sew around the edges (1/4” seam) leaving about a 2”-2.5” opening for turning.

5.  Turn right side out.  Make sure to use push the corners out using a pointy object.  I used a pencil.
6. Tuck the opening in and then press.
7.  Sew both of the shorter sides.  Make sure you sew the opening that you left to turn it right side out.
8. Now it’s time to sew the other piece of velcro.  At the opposite end from the other piece of velcro and on the outside piece of fabric measure 1/2” from the edge and sew the velcro piece.
9.  Now fold bottom half up 4”. 
10.  Pin sides and then sew.
11. Now you are done!
Here it is in action:
cameracase cameracase2

It took me about an hour and a half to finish but next time it will definitely take less time since I won’t be reading a how-to.  I really wish that I had some white velcro but I didn’t.  I only had black because I had gotten it for another project.  It was super easy to do and I can’t wait to do more!

Oh and here’s a tip:  I used those fabric quarters that you can get at the fabric store for like $2.   So this was a super cheap project.


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