Monday, August 3, 2009

Chocolate Oreo Balls

If you love oreos then you'll love these oreo balls.

1 package of Oreo cookies (I used double stuffed)
1 package of cream cheese at room temperature (I used fat free)
2 8 oz packages of dark chocolate chips

First chop up oreos using a food processor.
Next mix in the cream cheese until thoroughly mixed.
Once mixed shape dough into bite sized balls, set on cookie sheet lined with wax paper.
Put cookie sheet in the fridge and let the oreos harden and chill for about an hour.
Meanwhile, melt chocolate in double boiler.
Once the oreo balls have hardened dip them into the chocolate.
Return the balls back to the cookie sheet and place the cookie sheet in the fridge to set about an hour.
Once hardened place in serving dish and add some powdered sugar on top.

So yummy!


  1. Those sound incredible! I love every ingredient. I MUST make these ...

    I think its a little funny that you used low fat cream cheese. ;-)

  2. These are delicious. I've made them a few times. We drizzle white chocolate over the top of each truffle. YUM!

    I took them to work one day for a meeting. By the time I got to the back for the meeting, the tray was half-empty!