Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Packing List for 14 Days in Europe.... Stops in Newbury, UK, Debrecen, Hungary, Rome, Italy, Paris, France, & London, England

Europe Packing List

Each outfit:   

Travel Set 1

Travel Set 1 by mrsjvp featuring old navy skinny jeans 

More outfits
Travel Set 2

Travel Set 2 by mrsjvp featuring lace tank tops

More outfits

Travel Set 3

Travel Set 3 by mrsjvp featuring plus size tops

More outfits

Travel Set 4


  1. I love this post! How awesome- you can really make that all last for two weeks! Enjoy the trip too!

  2. I hope to make it through two weeks with these outfits... it should be fun... and I hope to take actual pictures of my outfits while I'm gone. Will post those when we return!