Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girl Scout Cookie Fake Out!

Yesterday I had an inkling to make cookies, any kind really.  So after checking out a few of the baking blogs I have bookmarked I came across a recipe to make those yummy minty flavored Girl Scout cookies!  Mmmm, homemade thin mints!  Then my hubby suggests that I make homemade tagalongs (his favorite), so I start my search for a recipe.  I came across this lovely recipe.  Mmmmm, those sounds delicious!  So I went to the store to get more flour (I knew I didn’t have enough for both recipes), sticks of butter and mint extract.

Overall the recipes were great!  I wish I would have made the thin mints a little bigger, they came out quite small.  I also would have made the tagalong cookies smaller.  The recipe said they wouldn’t expand and they did!  So they were a little big.



I plan on only eating a few (Angel) and then serving the rest on Friday at Trivia Night!!

Pictures to come soon!

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